content marketing

Content Marketing

Developing effective landing pages is a critical step for a comprehensive Audience Building & Content Marketing Plan. GyrBox can help.

GyrBox builds sophisticated, targeted and efficient landing pages for the greatest-possible Return on your Marketing Investment. An efficient landing page is an effective landing page.

Our “crawl, walk; then run” approach economically acquires then converts interested customers.

If you’ve already built a site or landing page, we can analyze what’s working and what’s not and make immediate recommendations based on best-practices.

We start with a consultation in which we establish and examine your marketing goals. Then, we map your goals to your landing pages to learn whether your traffic is being converted efficiently.

We review the metrics that matter to your business – your site’s Key Performance Indicators – to determine where deficiencies may lie; then we devise tactics to fix them.

We’ll look at the structure and flow of your pages:

  • Is there enough information for your customers to make a decision?
  • Are there clear next steps for your customers to either learn more or ask for help?
  • Have you provided take-aways such as white papers, podcasts, testimonials or newsletter signups for your customers?

Using heatmaps, we look at scrolling behavior on desktop and mobile to determine whether customers are using your design as intended.

We review click-tracking videos and look for areas of user frustration or ambiguity; then we test alternatives to improve conversions.

We use peel-and-stick campaigns and A/B testing to ultimately arrive at an optimized and effective landing page custom-designed to attract, qualify and retain customers valuable to your business.

Through this approach, we develop funnels that generate a repeatable and valuable return on your marketing dollar.

With the landing pages in place and running efficiently, your Content Marketing Strategy takes flight.

Blog posts and podcasts attract long-tail audience. White papers and newsletters generate email strategies for returning users, friend-shares and repeat purchasers. Remarketing campaigns retarget abandoned carts to bring customers back.